Last night the Westwood Young Voices choir travelled to the Manchester Arena to give the performance of their lives. The choir were in fine form, and really did the school proud.

The arrival at the Arena, the children were very excited.

The children spent the entire afternoon rehearsing with the band and conductor, it really gave us the feel of being professionals.  Amongst 8436 children, it really was a fantastic atmosphere.

After a short break we were then ready to give the performance of a lifetime!

What a crowd, and just look at that stage! A mixture of emotions for us all; excitement and nerves were in full force, and so it began….


This video shows the children performing an African themed song, with some great moves. The children really enjoyed this performance

Young Voices 2017 video 2

From the coach trip start, right through to the finale; have a look at the photos below and spot your budding star. Each, and every, child did a fantastic job and gave it their all, you should be very proud parents indeed.

Young Voices Video